Property Maintenance  


As a landlord we will have encountered every situation and eventuality that you as a landlord can envisage:

  • Purchase of properties that take for ever – or the seller who wants their money tomorrow and you have to move heaven and earth to exchange and complete.
  • The refurbishment that horribly runs over budget
  • Waiting for planning permission
  • Waiting for Builders!
  • Ensuring the property meets building regulations or housing HIMO’s
  • Ensuring CORGI and NIC EIC Elect. Certs. are in place
  • Getting the right tenants
  • Fixing leaks in the middle of the night
  • Tenants losing their keys
  • Collecting the rent from the tenant who promises it next week
  • Evicting  those that don’t pay
  • Collecting from those that have absconded from your property.

……as just a few reminders!

We have found that smaller landlords – three to ten properties – tend to do a lot of the work themselves whilst still trying to run another business or even a career. For larger landlords – such as ourselves – you have to recruit and maintain staff to deal with administration, property maintenance, rent collection, logistics and so on.

Having built the core structure of the business - Goldman Hunter can offer you cost effective property management without the hassle factor…..

All you have to do is hand us the keys and watch your bank account!....and we’ll take care of the rest.
Our unique Property Management

  1. The first step is to value your property and determine what rental you can expect.
  2. Identify any works that may be required – such as decoration, carpets, electrics – In fact we can refurbish an entire building from top to bottom should you so wish
  3. A schedule of works is drafted, costed and confirmed with you before any work is started – THAT’s if its required
  4. On signing our Property Management Agreement – We charge 10% of rental income per month (please click here to down load form). We will take all meter readings log them on computer systems and send any documentation to utilities bodies that may be required.
  5. We will discuss the merits of renting out the property furnished or unfurnished
  6. If the decision is to furnish the property, then we will make available our suppliers to you and you will receive the same volume discounts we receive.   (We have made savings as much as 75% on like for like furnishings). 
  7. Your property is cleaned and made ready for viewings
  8. You will have been advised whether your property will be tenanted by –
    • Corporate ( These are company lets)
    • Private Tenants (working)
    • DHSS
  9. Tenants are shown around your property – and we will be there whenever the tenant wants us there!
  10. A shortlist of tenants are drawn up – even DHSS – and we will give advice and discuss suitable tenants with you.
  11. Once you have decided upon the tenant we take comprehensive references – these vary from DHSS tenants through to corporate tenants and the processes for each are very different.
  12. On gaining the references which can take up to two weeks – or pending upon the urgency of the let – AST Agreements are signed both by the landlord or us and the Tenant.
  13. A months rent and bond fee are taken up front – in some case we can arrange for you to have 6months rent up front! – but we can discuss this with you.
  14. Meter readings are taken before the tenancy commences.
  15. Letters are sent to the utility companies informing them of the new tenant.
  16. We will make keys available to the tenant - Our Tenant Induction programme will go over alarm codes, showing how to us all applicances including Utility locations, give them emergency telephone numbers of our maintenance teams and answer any other questions they may have.
  17. During the tenancy we will ensure that it is visited at least once to ensure
    a. The tenant is happy
    b. There is nothing wrong with the property
  18. Every month you will receive a Rental Statement via email or post which ever is more suitable
  19. Where ‘Top-Up’ rents are collected from DHSS Tenants then these will be paid to you every quarter if below a £100– any larger than this per quarter then they will be bi-monthly
  20. If the Tenant fails to meet a rental payment on the specified date we will call them within 24 hours and determine why – an explanation will be sent by sms or email to you.
  21. After 48 hours we will send a letter asking for payment and stating that we will be visiting the premises.
  22. On the third day of non-payment a visit to the premises will be made by Our Rent Collections Department.
  23. Our rent collection department will advise you as to what procedures we will be taking – these can range from arranging a payment schedule through to eviction.
  24. In the case of absconded tenants we chase through the courts as a matter of principle – at our own expense to recover monies owing to you - Please note terms and conditions apply. 
  25. Once the tenancy is ended, we will arrange a site visit to inspect the property for damage and determine the level of wear and tear.
  26. The property is usually rented out before tenant leaves and cleaned to ensure the new tenant moves in smoothly.
  27. The bond fee for the previous tenant is paid back to the tenant less any damage.
  28. This is a tested and time served process to encompass all property management eventualities.

.......for further information call our Estates Manager 0115 8774477 NOW!




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